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About Us

The first international pre-health and pre-clinical conference of its kind, the World Pre-Health Conference aims to organize a virtual worldwide conference and supplementary programming with three primary missions: 


  1. To create mentorship/support systems for pre-health and pre-clinical students, particularly those from diverse backgrounds and centered on human rights and medical progress;

  2. To offer professional/personal enrichment opportunities for pre-health  and pre-clinical students;

  3. To foster in-depth, progress-making conversations related to current health issues, with expert context and student views. 


We recognize that the circumstances of today have resulted in at times polarized and divided communities of medicine, and accordingly, WPC was created to bridge divides and increase international collaboration regarding health. We particularly believe that establishing such a conference now, while the world is physically divided by the COVID-19 pandemic but able to connect virtually, is even more relevant and impactful. To this end, WPC will feature novel keynotes, conversation-sparking events including a medical case studies competition, and an extensive physician mentoring program, all to foster accessibility and progress in health particularly for underrepresented pre-health students and the future health leaders of tomorrow. As of now, we have partnered with eleven organizations at Harvard University along with international partners including the University of Cambridge, all of which have committed as coalition members to hold events and offer programming assistance to ensure the success of the conference. Together, the WPC Board and partners represent a sum of more than 200 individuals across the world, and we continue to grow in size.

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